A pavilion dedicated to emotional voyage through the generative and digital art. Combining new tools for creation and soul expression. The included works range from human-AI, procedural to digital brushes. The computers allow an extension of the traditional methods but does it change the emotional relationship between the work and creator? 

including works by
ana maria caballero, be2nnames, beatrice von millhouse, ben drusinsky, digital moss, fabiola larios, ivona tau, igor yakunin, indigo aura, ke9e, kölsch, maia mellier, marc fendel, max passadore, moises sanabria, nor44, , raad alshiely, roope rainisto, rudolf boogerman, sasha stiles, sprice studio, tiga, thomas noya, tjeerd paul jacobs, victor doval, wavefunk, wily guys

curated by ivona tau 
my deepest hopes were generative 

i saw my own realities in the dusty windows

deconstructed into atoms

my fear in the latent space was generated

the unknown is changing

i got overwhelmed with the suppressed feelings

the hours i spent as a passerby i found peace