dominoes in fluxus

This work explores the concept of parallel realities and the paths we choose, reflecting on the multiple beginnings and various ends that compose our individual narratives.

The pieces in the collection have 217 starting points and 247 ending points that can be matched on both ends with other pieces to create longer narratives. Some endpoints are more rare or unique, the others appear more frequently, up to 6 times. The collection invites collectors to engage in a game-like experience where they are tasked with identifying matching elements and orchestrating their individual paths, through collecting matching elements.

The works in this collection are a testiment to the ever changing landscape of our environment, both natural and human-made. They echo the subtle, sometimes imperceptible transformation occurring within our surroundings, mirroring the constant, albeit gentle, metamorphosis. It is the dance of nature and civilization that is in eternal fluxus.

🁞 836-309

🁙 542 - 515


🁇 327 - 122

🁫 122 - 136

About the process

I started with training my own AI (StyleGAN type) model on a collection of 2146 images encompassing a variety of themes but all sharing a similar moodiness in light - dusk, dawn, glimmering in the darkness, reflections in the smoke. Light atoms are a perfect metaphor for the building blocks of which our environment is built. Nothing really ever disappears, just changes form. 
I trained 10 different models with different parameters and after deep latent space explorations I settled on model no. 173 , trained for 274 epochs (roughly 4 days of training on a single GPU card). 
From the infinite number of images that model 173-274 could generate I hand picked 250 that I felt captured a unique moment in space and time. 
Out of 62 250 possible combinations to connect the still images I curated a set of 500 that result in this collection and are the foundational building blocks. 

P.S. A 1/1 longer piece will be built and airdropped to the collector holding elements that can be combined to the longest sequence. It will be the ultimate narrative.

Sold out.