Places of Shattered Selves is a space echoing with memories suppressed, realities avoided. This pavilion navigates through the silent whispers using animation, AI, code, algorithmic art, and painting.  Movement here isn’t about living; it's a teller of the other side. Lights, colors unfolding tales we thought were lost or purposely buried, surfacing as distant reflections of another self, another time.  Algorithmic pieces operate on the border of control and chaos, a meeting point of cold calculation and emotion. Each piece is a mix of silence and noise, subtle and bold narratives of lost or reinvented selves.  Perhaps a journey to unfamiliar yet known territories of the soul, strange yet comforting. Alternative realities and comforting spaces play hide and seek, waiting for recognition, acknowledgment by viewers willing to explore, remember, maybe heal. This showcase is an abstract, at times disjointed, reflection on hidden, forgotten, and imagined fragments of self and consciousness.

including works by
Animals Lab, Domingo y Pablo, DocT, Eelke Mastebroek & Noortje Stortelder, Erik Lopez, Indira Iofeye,  Ivona Tau, P̾etra, Pierre Gervois, Makeitrad, Onthinice, Plurality, Roope Rainisto, Roman Drits, Selenine, Woojaeoh, Violet Bond, Yoni Maltsman 

curated by Ivona Tau 

On Thin Ice - UPROOTED

Domingo Pablo

Doc T - Ritual of Change

Petra - You move or die 

Plurality - Global Resonance

Ivona Tau - After Us

Violet Bond - Descendants

Erik Lopez - IMGN

P Gervois - Allen Who?

Yoni Maltsman - Last night you were in my room

Roman Drits - Echo(e)s in stillness