VISIONS: Reflected is a work created for the Sotheby's X Boundless Space… The Possibilities of Burning Man event. The visuals, while reminiscent of photography works, are 100% generative and created as a result of GAN (generative adversarial network) training on custom photography collections, consisting mostly of Ivona’s personal memories frozen on digital medium as well as analog films. By carefully curating inputs and outputs of the model, Ivona is exploring the balance between accident and control. Artificial nightscapes serve as a reflection of our personal experiences, as seen in the eyes of the machine.

With this work, Ivona invites a viewer to contemplate his own interpretations and find familiarity in the ambiguous shapes. The more we engage with artificial realities, the more meanings get constructed by our perception. As our minds are accustomed to discrete representations of objects, they get confused by continuously generated morphings between visually indeterminate imagery. This way artificial Intelligence fills in the gaps between visual concepts and it reminds us of the subconscious and free flowing dreams. Visual concepts disintegrate and come into focus during the latent space traversal of the machine learning models in a similar manner to our thoughts and imperfect memories flowing freely.
In her creative process, Ivona uses Python and generative adversarial networks (GAN) to train artificial intelligence on custom sets of photography works.
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